Prinzess Irene

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Left Naples on Aug 15, 1906 and arrived at Ellis Island on Aug 30, 1906.

prinsessirene1911.JPG (81066 bytes)
The Prinzess Irene sailing out of Genova, Italy in 1911

The colors of the North German Lloyd line.

Details of the Prinzess Irene (or Princess Irene)

bullet10881 tons 159.55m long x 18.35m wide (523.5ft x 60.2ft) Straight bow, two funnels, 2 masts, two propellers, 8 quadruple engines giving a speed of 15 knots.
bulletPassengers 1st class 240, 2nd class 162, 3rd class 1954.
bulletBuilt by AG Vulcan, Stettin for North German Lloyd


bullet19 Jun 1900 launched for the Far East Service
bullet9 Sep 1900 maiden voyage Bremen - Southampton - Cherbourg - New York (1 return
bullet31 Oct 1900 first voyage Bremen - Suez Canal - Far East (7 return voyages)
bullet30 Apr 1903 first voyage Genoa - Naples - New York
bullet6 Apr 1910 stranded on Long Island, NY refloated and repaired at Newport News
bullet9 Jul 1914 last voyage Genoa - Naples - New York arriving 22 Jul
bulletApr 1917 sailed by the USA at New York
bulletRenamed Pocahontas for the US Government
bullet26 Feb 1921 first voyage for US Mail New York - Naples - Genoa 2 return voyages.
bulletAccommodation is cabin class 350, 3rd class 900
bullet22 May 1921 3rd voyage New York - Gibraltar, where she was laid up with a machinery defect
bullet1922 bought by North German Lloyd, her original owners, at Gibraltar and towed to Germany where she was reconditioned and renamed Bremen
bullet7 Apr 1923 first voyage Bremen - New York
bulletApr 1926 accommodation was cabin, tourist third cabin and 3rd class
28 Sep 1927 last voyage Bremen - Cobh - New York
bullet1928 renamed Karlsruhe to make way for a new express liner
bullet29 Jan 1928 first voyage Bremen - Cobh - New York
bullet16 Aug 1931 last voyage Bremen - Boulogne - Galway - Halifax - New York - Havana - Vera Cruz - Tampico
bulletJun 1932 first voyage Bremen - Halifax - Galveston
bullet20 Aug 1932 last voyage Bremen - Galveston
bullet 1932 scrapped at Bremerhaven
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